Grants Process

Grants Process

The Irene S. Scully Family Foundation offers four grant cycles during the calendar year. Please see below for the steps involved in the grants process.

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1) Letter of Intent ►

As part of an organization’s initial introduction to the Foundation, we ask that all organizations submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) for either a General Operating Support grant OR a Program/Project Support grant using our online grants management system. Charitable organizations are required to self-qualify based upon the criteria outlined on the Eligibility page.

Within a month of the LOI due date, as stated on the Grantmaking Calendar, a Foundation staff member will respond to the LOI with an invitation to submit a full application, a request for additional information, or a declination. Please note that the Foundation receives more requests than it can fund each cycle. As such, we are unable to approve all LOIs, even when organizations are well-aligned with the Foundation’s funding priorities. For organizations that submitted an LOI that was declined, we kindly ask that your organization wait one full year prior to submitting a subsequent LOI.

2) Grant Application ►

Organizations that are invited to move forward in the grants process will have approximately one month to submit a full application, as per the grant cycle application deadline listed on the Foundation’s Grantmaking Calendar. The application allows the Foundation to perform the necessary due diligence and to obtain information essential to an organization or a program/project.

In most instances, in addition to the full application, we will arrange a phone interview and/or a site visit to further acquaint ourselves with an organization or a program/project.

3) Grant Decision ►

The Foundation’s Board of Directors meets on a quarterly basis to consider grant applications. Grant decisions are typically made within two months of the full application submission deadline. All applicants will receive an email with the Board’s decision. In addition, approved applicants will receive a grant award packet, containing the following items:

  • Grant check.
  • Grant award letter indicating the Board’s response to the request, the amount awarded, the time-period covered, and reporting requirements.
  • Grant agreement. This grant agreement outlines the mutual responsibilities of the grantor and the grantee.

4) Grant Evaluation Reports ►

The Foundation requests two reports during the grant cycle. These reports are necessary for the Foundation to understand the impact and effectiveness of its grantmaking. An Interim Report is due six months from the distribution of the grant, and a Final Report must be completed at the conclusion of the grant period. Although listed on the Grantmaking Calendar, we advise you to check your grant award letter for the report submission dates. The report forms are accessible through the online grants management system.

5) Grant Renewal ►

In most instances, the Foundation will accept LOIs for additional years of funding (for no more than three consecutive years). Renewal inquiries will only be considered when funds from the previous year’s grant have been fully utilized. Please refer to your award letter for further details.

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We kindly encourage all organizations to review the Application Instructions page prior to initiating a grant request.

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