Grants Management System Instructions

Grants Management System Instructions

The following section will guide you through the Foundation’s grant application process. Please note that only those organizations that have been invited to apply will have access to the Foundation’s application forms. However, all registered users, regardless of current status with the Foundation, will continue to have access to their account in our grants management system.

Please be certain to allow ample time for all aspects of the application process. Although we make every effort to answer applicant and grantee questions, we may not be available to assist you with inquiries regarding your application and/or reports immediately prior to the due date.

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1) User Guidelines ►

Answer All Required Fields
Required fields are marked with an asterisk(*). If you do not provide an answer for one of the required questions, you will not be able to submit your form. When a question is not applicable, respond with “N/A”.

Save As You Go
Please remember to regularly save your work. You will automatically be logged out after 90 minutes of inactivity. We recommend that you save your forms frequently to decrease the chances of lost information. Please note that the “Save” button is located at the bottom of the form. We also recommend that you save your forms every time you upload a document.

Save As Draft
The “Save as Draft” button at the bottom of the form will give you the ability to return and complete the form at a later time.

Print Questions
We recommend that you preview all of the questions prior to filling out the form to ensure the information requested is readily available. Once you open a form, click on “Print Question Legend” at the top to print a .pdf document containing all questions.

Prepare Your Answers Outside of the System
Applicants may choose to prepare a response in a document outside of the online system (e.g. Microsoft Word) and then copy and paste the text into the system. If you prepare your form in this way, be sure to keep track of character limits and fix all spelling and grammatical mistakes. 3,300 characters = 1 page generally speaking. Character limits include spaces and characters. We recommend that you do not use formatting tools, as available in Microsoft Word, because the formatting will likely not transfer to the response area when pasted into the system. If you would like to enlarge a text area, simply go to the bottom right-hand corner and click and drag.

File Uploads

Most forms require that you upload files as part of the process.

  • Save/Submit: Documents will not appear as uploaded until you click “Save” or “Submit”. These buttons are located at the bottom of the form.
  • File Type and Size: You may upload PDF files, Word Documents, or Excel Spreadsheets as long as they adhere to the file size requirements. You may not attach zip files.
  • Deleting or Changing an Upload: To change an upload, click “Browse” and choose the new upload. The new document will overwrite the previous document. Click “Save” or “Submit” at the bottom of the form to complete the change.

Fax to File Function
If you do not have a scanner to upload hard copies or you need to convert documents into a single file, please read the following instructions for converting a paper document (hard copy format) into a single PDF file (digital format). You may then upload the document where required.

  1. To start, click the “Fax to File” link on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Then click the “Request a Fax #” button and you will be presented with a toll-free fax number.
  3. Fax your document to the number provided. All faxed documents will be automatically converted to .pdf format. Please send a separate fax for each document without a cover sheet. You have 20 minutes to fax your documents before the number expires.
  4. After you have faxed each separate document, click the “Finished Faxing” button to see your list of files.
  5. Converted documents will be available to download to your computer. After downloading to your computer, you will then be able to upload the documents at the appropriate time during the application process.

Print Before Submitting Forms
To print a draft of your form prior to or after submission, click “Print Packet” at the top of the form.

Submitting Forms
When you are ready to submit a form, select “Submit Form” at the bottom of the page. After the form is submitted, you will see a “Confirmation Page” indicating that the form has been submitted. Once the form is submitted, the responses entered into the form can no longer be edited. Be sure to make all necessary edits prior to the final submission.

Download Submitted Forms
Once you submit a form, you may download a copy of that form to your computer for your records.

2) The Registration Process ►

To begin using the system, click the “LOG IN” button at the bottom of this page in order to open a tab that will take you to the grants management system’s website. You will need to create a new account for the organization by clicking on the “Create New Account” button on the “Login” page. Each organization will have a unique database record in the online grants management system.

The registration process consists of four sections: 1) Organization information, 2) Applicant information, 3) Executive Director information, and 4) Password selection.

When creating an account, the applicant will be asked to provide an active email address (which will become your organization’s Login ID) and to create a password. In addition, you will be asked to provide your organization’s Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Tax Identification Number, as well as the contact information for the Executive Director of your organization.

NOTE: During the registration process, we recommend that you use the “Previous” button, rather than the browser “Back” button, as the “Back” button will erase all of your responses. The system will not save any responses until you click the “Save” button at the end of the process.

Register for a New User Account

    1. Click on “Create a New Account”.
    2. Enter the Organization information.
    3. Enter the Applicant information.
      • All communication related to your organization will be directed to the person whose information is provided in this section. By default, this person will be listed as the “Primary Contact” of your organization. If you would like to have multiple users for your organization’s account, please contact the Foundation and we will create additional user login credentials.
    4. Enter the Executive Director information.
      • If the applicant is also the Executive Director of the organization, select “Yes” and the system will pre-fill the fields on this screen and proceed to the password screen. Otherwise, select “No” and follow the prompts.
    5. Click on the “Proceed to Next Step” button.
    6. Create a Password (case sensitive, 6-8 characters, including letters and/or numbers).
    7. Retype the Password, then click “Save”.
    8. A system-generated confirmation email with the Login ID and Password will be sent to the email address provided in the Applicant information section.

Update Applicant Information
Once the organization’s account is created, you will still be able to edit the Applicant information, but will not be able to edit the Organization and/or the Executive Director information. Please contact a Foundation staff member if you need to make any updates in either of these two sections.

Click on the name at the top right corner of the screen and select “Edit Profile” from the drop-down menu. You may update the Login ID (email address) and Password of the Applicant using this section.

Retrieve Password
Enter your Login ID on the main registration page. Click on “Forgot Your Password” button, then the system will email you the Password.

3) The Application Status Page ►

After registering for a User Account, the applicant is directed to the Application Status Page. The Application Status Page is the homepage for the online grants management system. On this page, you may:

    • Apply for a grant by clicking “Apply” in the menu at the top of the screen. *only invited organizations with a code will have access to the Application.
    • Manage your grant application. View information regarding the status of an open grant request. From this page, you can download completed forms, see the status of a form you have submitted, or access drafts that have not been submitted.
    • Manage your awarded grants. From this page, you can see whether or not a grant has been awarded and complete required follow-up forms for awarded grants. The term “follow-up” describes an upcoming or pending event such as a report that is due.

4) Complete an Application ►

If you have been invited to submit an Application, you will be sent a link via email that will allow you to access the Application.

Please note that applicants are able to save the Application as a draft by clicking the “Save as Draft” button at the bottom of the form. We recommend that you save your draft frequently. Unsaved information will be lost upon logging out of the system. Please only click “Submit” when you have completed all sections of the Application and uploaded the required documents. Once the application has been submitted, you can no longer edit or upload documents.

Applicants will receive a system-generated email message to confirm that the Application has been submitted and received by the Foundation.

5) Grant Decision ►

Grant decisions are announced following every board meeting. Applicants will be notified by an email, and the status on the Application Status Page will be updated to reflect if the grant has been approved or denied. Approved applicants will receive a grant packet via regular mail. The packet will contain the check, a grant letter and a grant agreement form. The grant letter will also be uploaded into the system for your easy access.

6) Complete Grant Evaluation Reports ►

Grantees will be asked to submit reports. The Foundation will assign the reports shortly after the grant is awarded. The report forms can be accessed by logging into the system and clicking on the “Dashboard” link. The report form(s) can be found in the upper portion of the Application Status Page. The due dates are displayed next to the forms. You may also refer to your grant letter for report deadlines.

Grantees will receive a system-generated email message to confirm that a report has been successfully submitted and received by the Foundation.

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