Grantmaking Approach

Grantmaking Approach

The Irene S. Scully Family Foundation is committed to working with organizations that are driven by the vision of a better future for youth, their families, and their communities.

We view our collaborations with our grantees as partnerships that endeavor to meet short-term needs as well as attain long-term and systemic social change. We support organizations that consider the enhancement and the enrichment of lives as best achieved through sustainable programming and continued evaluation and accountability.

In addition, we approach our grantmaking through the following set of actions and beliefs:

Educational Justice

We work to keep our belief in educational justice at the heart of every action and decision we make that impacts the lives of children and youth.


While we recognize that our contribution alone cannot solve complex social problems and inequities, we firmly believe in the power of collective impact and the strength in thoughtful partnerships.


As a Foundation with a targeted grantmaking budget and small board and staff, we believe that responsive grantmaking that fills gaps in the funding landscape and supports strategic initiatives can be highly effective and impactful.


We strive to be accessible and transparent about our grantmaking process. We work to build pathways for ongoing feedback and for honest communication.


In order for us to make informed grantmaking decisions, we actively engage in the communities we support and participate in activities, events, community forums, committees, and stakeholder groups whenever possible. We aim to act as a thought partner and advocate when appropriate.

Multiple Strategies

We recognize that there are multiple strategies and approaches that can contribute to positive student and school community outcomes. In partnership with our grantees, we work to understand how a particular approach is appropriate for a particular group, school site, or community and then design our grantmaking in response to the expertise held among our partners.


We aim to effectively utilize the inherent flexibility in a responsive grantmaking approach. We look to take advantage of opportunities that present creative and innovative ideas.